Nick Diaz Post-Fight Strikeforce Interview

Nick Diaz talks about his win over Cyborg, Fernando Vargas and getting paid.


  1. Diaz great fighter only gets better!

    Diaz's interviews only get worse!

  2. Diaz looks paranoid,looking over his shoulder all the time .

  3. Someone please beat this arrogant pr*ck. Man, why can't he at least act like a respectable champion instead of a thug.

  4. Flying Armbar says:

    He's got da munchies

  5. He is a good fighter, total douchebag as a person.

  6. he doesnt seem as much of a punk as his lil brother anymore (still a punk)

  7. I think I hate Diaz enough to cheer for Semtex…

  8. what an interview,,, was nick distracted??? not sure anyone will be interested in anymore diaz interviews. i agree he is a good fighter, lets leave it at that.

  9. I like that he had to clarify 3 times that he wasn't hurt in the first round.

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