Nick Diaz Out of DREAM 5, Fighting On EliteXC CBS In Stockton?

Nick Diaz on CBS

EliteXC President Gary Shaw has requested that Nick Diaz not fight Hayato “Mach” Sakurai at the upcoming DREAM 5 show in Japan, stating “Big things coming”.

“EliteXC has some really big plans for Nick Diaz and having him fight for DREAM is something we’re open to anytime, but right now…there’s some big things coming in the next few months for Nick with EliteXC.”

“These upcoming months are some real telling months for Nick and Nick just came of the injury in his fight with (Noons),”

“There’s some interesting things out there for Nick right now with Elite; some big things being discussed. You’ve got KJ Noons, Eddie Alvarez and the rest of the 160 pound division.”

Several message board readers are posting a this banner which indicates that the CBS “EliteXC Unfinished Business” on July 26 could possibly take place in Diaz home town of Stockton California.

  • Could Diaz get his long awaited rematch with KJ Noons?
  • Would EliteXC and CBS dare to put the always colorful and classy Nick Diaz on national television?
  • Could they risk having Nick Diaz bleed out on CBS?

Stay tune to for the latest updates on EliteXC “Unfinished Business”


  1. diaz will destroy noons. no doubt about it

  2. hell yeah

  3. Good luck trying to censor Diaz and his corner for network TV. Should be a good fight though.

  4. diaz is washed up and is perfect for elitexc. no class fighter for a no class promotion

  5. dane drebin says:

    ya right freddyo because the first fight was so easy for diaz huh?

  6. your all retarded K.J. Noons and Nick Diaz are both fuckin phoenominal fighters and just bcuz its not the UFC doesnt mean theyre not good fighters…Nick Diaz has a better chance than last time since he got cosmetic surgery on his face and you cant count diaz out bcuz of his background he can submit you in a flash

  7. i am with erik

  8. i was looking forward to his fight with sakurai it was for the dream belt and would have been nice for him to get, i now he was not happy about this so it had better be for a fight with noons for that belt to make it worth it.

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