Nick Diaz Explains His Actions at Strikeforce “Nashville”

Nick Diaz rattles out a explanation for his actions following the Jake Shields vs. Dan Henderson fight on the CBS broadcast of Strikeforce “Nashville”.


  1. Hmm for some reason it wont play.

    Not that it matters, I'd rather not hear what this ass-clown has to say anyway.

    Funny how it was OK for him to ruin things For Noons right after he won but it wasn't OK for Mayhem to steal the show

    from Jake.

    I hate the Diaz brothers and their whole Caesar Gracie camp of douche bags

  2. All those Caesar Gracie cats are douchebags. They act like some kids, grow up.

  3. It's not like we're tryin to keep it gagsta out there…..

    WTF of coures you are nick, It is MMA, not the skreets, you are in a cage doin interviews you dont have to have anyones "back"…. HELP the sport to be legit and act right stockton chumps.

  4. He seems kind of weird in this interview. He can't form thoughts and then can't speak those thoughts. He sounds like a complete idiot. I guess he is acting normal.

    It sounded like Mayhem was just calling Sheilds out for a rematch, which happens all the time, but it didn't sound like he was being offensive at all.

  5. Ryan S: "He can’t form thoughts and then can’t speak those thoughts. He sounds like a complete idiot."

    Haha yup, that sounds like just about every pot head I know. He needs to lay off the weed :D

  6. BJJ Brown Belt says:

    Don't get me wrong, the Cesar Gracie camp has has made their mistakes but it was not cool for Mayhem to walk in there and interupt the interview. I am not saying that him stepping in called for what followed, but the respectful thing for him to do would have been to walk in the cage, wait until the interview was completed and then from the side, asked for a rematch. He was stealling Sheilds thunder. Again, I don't condone it and unfortunately, if CBS kicks Strikeforce off the air because of incidents like this, then all MMA fans lose. it was unfortunate.

  7. other derek says:

    diaz brothers are douche bags and so is mayhem miller…it was a douchafest is all…embarrassing for the sport and not embarrassing for them cause none of them are role models and can give a fuck just like that douche war machine the sport does not need shit like this!!!!

  8. The good news is…if strikeforce closes down, FEDOR COULD BE COMING TO UFC! it's possible again, if the UFC buys out strikeforce now and takes most of their good fighters contracts then we could have some great UFC events. Although, this does only leave dream and bellator for the fighters who struck dana the wrong way or don't want a contract that's quite so exclusive.

  9. CobraClutch says:

    This guy is a frickin MORON. "Uh…i don't know what happened" then "he made me angry…that's my boy" This guy is a complete idiot and another reason to hate the Diaz Bros even more then I do. He was probably high, too. hahaha. Idiot.

  10. Ross McKenzie says:

    f*ck u hater the Caesar Gracie crew is kicking ass right now.

  11. kimuraking83 says:

    Diaz bros are wack and for 5 or 6 of them chumps from ceasar gracie need to act like fools on national t.v. So be it. Dana white is loving this and so am I. Strikeforce will be done soon and let diaz fight in china would never pay to watch that ass

  12. Lots of Diaz haters. I've been a fan for a long time & will remain a fan. Miller was out of line & was the douche as far as I could see. Nick never could give an interview, he's a fighter among other things(triath), & I'm sure he doesn't plan on starting a new job as a comentator. A team mate having your back sounds normal to me. He got hit, WTF, I would have tried to get a lick or two in myself. The Gracie team fought good fights & won, that's what I will remember. Miller was out of line. F%#$ HIM! I'm sure Diaz is heart broken that you guys don't like him, but I doubt he'll loose any sleep over it. He got hit in the back of the head, what would you have done , stood there like a puss. I doubt it.

  13. Jahsquatch says:

    One thing people seem to be forgetting is that SHIELDS DAMN NEAR LOST TO MILLER back in November. Miller had a RNC completely sunk AND locked in, and Shields was turning 12 different colors, then the bell rang and he was saved. But Shields would only have remained conscious for a few more seconds. To my mind, his win over Miller was not entirely legitimate, but it has been forgotten by mma fans & media aparently.

  14. So I think first off back when shields and mayhem fought I felt like Miller, Mayhem won that fight…Mayhem brought up a rematch which usually after a title fight they bring the new number one contender into the ring for a confrontation with the defending champ…Miller took it upon himself to enter the ring this time but that doesn't warrant shields camp jumping miller like it was a street fight….Doesn't really matter to me who was involved I Just know and fell that it is bad for the sport I would never expect to get signed for a fight If I was that disrespectful to the sport and other mixed martial artists this took us a step in the wrong direction

  15. I think its beyond that and it really cannot be blamed on some immature young adults. This was aired on CBS on Saturday Night opposite SNL, etc. A major coup for the sport and for Strikeforce, who should have briefed their fighters on standard behavior and the importance of seeming professional and honorable. The fault lays on the shoulders of Scott Coker, not a few kids that are smoking dope or need to get laid. It was a pathetic display, but if it had not been on network television it would not be nearly as big a deal as it is, and it is a big deal. MMA was badly hurt from this.

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