Nick Diaz Defeats Takanori Gomi

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I called it, Nick Diaz defeats Takanori Gomi via gogoplata in the second round. The first round was action packed, both fighter exchanging blows and submission attempts. Both fighter were winded after the first round, but Gomi looked especially winded throughout the fight. Although it was a very close first round to call, I give the fist round to Diaz 10-9. The second round starts out with some standing exchanges before Gomi takes Diaz to the ground. Diaz secures a gogoplata choke forcing Gomi to tap. What a fight! On to the main event. I hope it is as good as this fight.


  1. Gomi looked like he didn't prepare at all, looked really bad. As much as I hate Diaz, he did dominate the fight. Afterward Diaz was messed up though, didn't even remember who he thanked and ended up doing the same shoutouts during his ramble.

  2. I was just looking at the after fight videos for both. Gomi is one of the cockiest fighters in the world, good, but he is so cocky. After he was just saying he didnt try and just came to see Las Vegas.

    Diaz was like always, pissed off at the world and cussing, you almost need a translator more for him than Gomi. Complaining he doesnt get respect, compalining he doesnt get any endorsements, complaining about Gomi's "crazy little japanese fighting" style. Diaz is a good fighter and he doesnt get respect and money because people dont like him, he's a pissed off idiot. Damn dude…have a coke and smile then shut the f**k up.

  3. Gomi was fighting with a hangover. Can't you tell by the way he is sweating? If any of you ever played football or basketball, then you will know what I am talking about. I played football for my high school team with a hangover, and started breathing all funny, and sweating like a monkey, and puked.

  4. Diaz doesn't look like a fighter, he's dumb-looking, and has a bad attitude… duh Nick, wonder why you're not marketable!?! Oh yeah, and whenever he fights someone good, he loses. (I dont count Gomi as good.. good is B.J. Penn who D-I-S-M-A-N-T-L-E-D Gomi like a girl in a gangbang).

  5. DIAZ ROCKS ! You UFC ass kissers! They have their favorites, & treat other fighters like crap. Since when does it matter what a fighter LOOKS like, unless you're really into that kind of thing. I guess Penn is pretty! Diaz is a street kid with a lot of damn talent & I see him only getting better. Diego is pretty too, & God fearing, & he was busted for pot too. Something tells me you bet on Liddel to win, am I right? And unless you're talking about your mother, that gangback remark don't fly either. Swinging dicks aren't the only people that watch MMA, have a litle respect.

  6. Judy must not have seen the report about Diaz failing his drug test for pot. Judy must not have seen Diaz loos any of his fights, only every big fight he has had. I like Diaz, he is fun to watch fight, but do not give him more credit then he deserves.

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