Nick Diaz Considers Quitting MMA, Signs To Fight Fernando Vargas – Boxing

Nick Diaz is not to happy with the $175,000 he earned for winning last weekends brawl with Paul Daley. The Strikeforce welterweight champion has apparently signed a contract to fight boxing great Fernando Vargas and is waiting for the boxers camp to do the same. Is this the end for Nick Diaz in MMA?


  1. Bad move for Diaz, I think. He seems really full of himself to think he deserves to be paid more than any other mma fighter. He keeps coming out with this "overworked and underpaid" crap, but he fought 3 times in a year, and he's making 6 figures a fight. And now he just assumes that any fighter ranked above him doesn't wanna fight him.

  2. I think 6 figures is pretty good for strikeforce considering he wasn't a champion a few fights ago. I wonder what he will be able to make with a decent draw boxing match?

  3. Nikdiazisgay says:

    Just when you think he couldn't get any dumber. He's lucky Daley almost took him out. And he's a one trick pony( left hook). Wait till a real boxer hits him. Diaz is a good boxer, for MMA, but not against real boxers. And he'll realize it's a different world in boxing. If he thinks he doesn't get fights now, boxings a lot worse. And guess what who cares. He's not that good. Gsp would kill him

  4. I am a Diaz fan but I have to admit that he is one stupid SOB. Would this guy be making 6 figures if he were not in MMA? I completely doubt that. I know that he has to pay taxes, coaches, managers, possibly training partners, etc…but he should end up with at least $90,000. That is more than most of us make. I have a degree and 13 years of expereince in my field and don't make what he makes in one fight. If he fights 3 times per year plus endorsementr deals, doing seminars, private classes, and showing up at events- there is no way this guy is not making $300,000 a year. I love to see him fight but am very dispointed every time he speaks or makes stupid decisions.

  5. capt.ADK'er says:

    sky's the $limit$ for the most exciting performer in mma- and btw- gil melendez a close second.

  6. Nichole Lesniak says:

    I agree 100% monster. He really needs to stop whining. He's gonna get his a$$ kicked by a real boxer.

  7. I would think he could remember watching Randy make James Toney look like a little kid, granted I think Diaz could last longer in a boxing match but its different, vastly different. Even the best of MMA punchers would struggle in boxing right out of the gate and its not like hes getting in the ring with a can to crush. Odds are theres only one way this ends…..badly. And I gotta admit I'll pay the 50 bucks ppv just to watch him get his mouth shut!

  8. I think Nick Diaz would do well if he schedules a boxing match for one simple reason. They're not going to be putting him up against a top boxer in his weight class. They will schedule a former name who isn't as good as they used to be. I don't see a lot of risk there.

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