Nick Diaz Agrees To Three Month Suspension For Part In Strikeforce Brawl

According to the Junkie, Nick Diaz has sent in a “consent order” which will suspend him from fighting for 90 days in return for a reduced fine for his part of a brawl at Strikeforce “Nashville”. Diaz, Shields, Melendez, Miller and Nate Diaz are facing a $20,000 fine from the Tennessee Athletic Commission. The commission agreed to reduce the fine to $5,000 in return for consenting to a fight suspension.

This suspension will prevent Nick Diaz from fighting on Strikeforce’s August 21st card.


  1. YeahBUddy says:

    I hope this means no interviews with good ole' Nick for a while. I swear to baby jesus every time I see him speak I get a little dumber!

  2. Dana White says:

    You can't get much dumber.

    I wish I had this guy!

  3. ha strikeforce will be lucky if there around another 3 months

  4. lol strikeforce is around sinds the 1980 they aint going nowwhere's

  5. Strikeforce Kick Boxing has been around since '85, but MMA since 2006 and they have taken large risks with CBS and Big Contracts to very few fighters, they may survive but I think they'll need to retool and figure out how to fit in to the MMA Universe. Nick Diaz is not helping them one bit with his grade school antics and giving everyone the finger like an angry teenager. Coker needs to man up if he wants Strikeforce to be taken seriously.

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