Nick and Nate Diaz Make Sense Of Cowboy Runin [209]

Nick and Nate Diaz breakdown what happened between Nate and Donald Cowboy Cerrone at the UFC 141 pre-fight presser.

What are you going to do when someone walks all up in your face and starts bumping you backward. Supid-ass cowboy hat all up on me so I wasn’t trying to be a bully anything … He [Cowboy] shouldn’t of done that.

We can all expect fireworks from these two come Friday night.

Make Sense Of Cowboy Runin [209]" data-via="" >
Nate Diaz Make Sense Of Cowboy Runin [209]" data-url="" data-via="">


  1. Thunder209 says:

    209 thugs in the house represent

  2. Cowboy is way better then Nate, he is going to put a beating on that little thug

  3. cerrone_is_an _ass says:

    Cerrone talked trash to nate and deserved to get his stupid fake cowboy hat knocked off. Fake punk. He got stomped by Henderson twice and Diaz is going to put him to sleep.

  4. dont be scared says:

    Cerrone choked homie (added by Mobile using Mippin)

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