Nate “The Rock” Quarry Booted Off Team Quest

Nate Quarry Booted Off Team Quest

According to Tagg Radio podcast, Nate Quarry was asked not to return to Team Quest after his recent back surgery. Quarry said:

“I was told that I just wasn’t important, I just wasn’t that necessary for the team,” he said. “[I was told] that I was tearing the team apart and that my ego was the biggest one there at the gym and I was no longer welcome.”

Quarry the TUF standout is now training at Impact Jiu-Jitsu in Portland Oregon and hoping to make his comeback to the cage later this year.

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  1. Greg Quarry says:

    Hey Nate hope the backs ok.

    If you noticed we have the same last name.

    I wonder if you are related to Jerry Quarry? as I am.

    Take care hope to hear from you


  2. wow, i thought nate was one of the more committed peeps to team quest.

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