Nate Diaz Happy To Defeat Gomi, No More UFC Wrestling Crap and Brother Nick

Nate Diaz is taking after his brother more and more in his recent interview after UFC 135. Nate talks about fighting his hero Takanori Gomi, cutting the gluten to make weight, abandoning the “UFC points wresting crap” and fighting his own way.


  1. wow. underneath the retarded stammering, he actually makes a kind of sense. 

  2. Familiaaviles3 says:

    Wow!! I can tell this dude boxes a lot because when my cuz who boxes is sparing a bunch, he sounds like Nate. Nate needs to get a speech coach or not smoke so much weed with his all over the place ass!!

    • leo ponce says:

      n@te soo much t@lking.. .,., i dnt like u dude.,.,. just ressst 4@ while in ufc.,.,. .,. @ try to shut your mouth.,. .,. @ pr@ctice more.,. n@te.,.,..,your sound like nothing when u spe@k.,.,. ok

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