Movin’ On Up: Tito and Jenna Buy 3.4 Million Dollar Beach House

The platinum blond duo, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson just purchased a 3.4 mill dollar house in Huntington Beach, CA. The mansion has a library, walk-in wine cellar, private boat dock and balcony.

As far as Tito Ortiz’s career goes, It looks like the expected contract with EliteXC fell though, you know with EliteXC folding and all.

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  1. wonder if they have a studio for in home "movies'. Well at least if titos mma career is over he may be able to make a few movies with ol wifey……….. why do they put shit like this on here

  2. wow

  3. i guess he made a little money with the ufc!

  4. With Elite going tits up he may have to take a part time job as a fluffer to pay the mortgage.

  5. John Hondo says:

    Its not his money. He impregnated a multi-million dollar porn mogul. The girl sold here empire to Playboy. Tito pays the gas bill

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Jenna has alot more money then Tito. Guess this is their new filming location!

  7. Hahaha thats exactly right John. Tito pays gas money for the yaught and pays for platinum hair dye in bulk…thats about it.

  8. i've never seen that before. i guess they have to mow their driveway every week.

  9. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Didn't even notice that Ron, looks pretty dumb I think.

  10. I agree on the mowing of the driveway, looks cool but I suppose they can get kimbo to come mow the yard now that hes jobless. Jenna will prolly recognize him from a few of her porno shoots.

  11. Thats fuckin funny Steveo. There really is no point in showing us this. Are we gonna hear about every fighters major purchases?

  12. Seriously…Tito is hitting some Nasty Shit, just think about all the thousands of people she has been with i would go as far as to say Millions.

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