MMA’s Greatest Knockouts Of 2009 Vol.1

Great compilation featuring some of the best knockout in 2009 by Caposa.


  1. Very nice. Right towards the end shows why you should NEVER turn your back on your opponent and run away. Some sweet knockouts.

  2. I never saw that fight, but yeah, Rez, that was pretty stupid. He took several steps too.

  3. Pretty cool, but watching 5:32 of one knockout after another has kinda turned my stomach. Love the sport with a passion, but seeing that many dudes go lights out – violent!!

  4. Doug NInja says:

    Great video. Really got the entire year. Some of that was very recent. The Horadecki knockout was funny.

  5. Yeah i never saw that Horadecki fight, wtf was he doing?? Great stuff.

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