MMA Video: Jake Shields vs. Mike Pyle


  1. Jake thinks he is #1 in the welterweight division. Calling out St.Pierre?? I know he is good but he isnt great and St. Pierre is superb. Granted he isnt invincible but he wont lose to Shields anywhere. I would like to see Shields fight him just so he can know what its like to fight a top guy. The top guy in my opinion.

  2. Any fan or practicer of the ground game will like this fight. Pyle had great defense for a while and Jake Shields tested and tested until he found his opportunity to pass. Great job by both guys. Shields is great on the ground but calling out St. Pierre…I don't know about that just yet.

  3. GSP is in my top three. I don't know if he would even be interested in that fight. You got it on the money with the difference between good and great.

  4. haha. shields calling out GSP? funniest thing i heard today. GSP is on another level. and yes, i like serra, but it was a lucky punch. if the fight would have happened 10 times, GSP would have won 9 out of 10 times. sadly, hughes will probably dominate serra in their fight. then GSP will fight and defeat hughes.

  5. BoondockSaint says:

    I agree with Derek. But in defense of Shields, it wasnt him who was calling out GSP, it was the sleasy owner of EliteXC. The guy claims he has the best fighters so he likes talking trash about UFC fighters…..hate that guy.

  6. Anyone who has any kind of ethics will not like any promoters. They operate in grey to black areas for love of money. Wouldn't be as intolerable to me if the fighters actually saw more of it.

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