MMA Video: ESPN E:60 A Look At Miletich Fighting System

Here’s a clip from ESPN’s E:60 show featuring Pat Miletich and his world renowned training center.


  1. Miletich is a good training camp but I dont tihnk it has anything on BTT or Chute box.Only top 10 fighter that train there is Sylvia, if I recall Hughes stopped training there.And I dont think Rothwell is top 10.

  2. I would say Extreme Couture and the Nick Diaz Camps are also better right now.

  3. Yeah but you have to look at the smaller shows too. Miletich has dominated the IFL and there are a ton of small shows in the area that I'm sure his fighters are doing well in. Losing Matt Hughes is a big loss to his gym though.

  4. I think the Miletich camp is about as strong as you're going to find…Top IFL fighters are there, along with guys like Brad Ihmes, Ben Rothwell, Tim Sylvia, Jens Pulver, Spencer Fisher…

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