MMA Rumors: Vera, Gonzaga, Marquardt vs Gouveia and Sapp


  1. carwin vs gonzaga would be really interesting. i doubt gonzaga will succumb to carwin in less than 1 round. carwin has taken out all of his opponents within 3 minutes.

  2. brandon "yawn.who cares " vera ?

  3. carwin vs gonzaga should be good, we will see how real carwin is or if gonzaga deserves to be in the top of the ufc hw's.

  4. vera's extension is take a pay cut or your gone.

  5. Carwin vs. Gonzaga is a great matchup. I'm glad they are through feeding Carwin highlight wins. Now its time to see what he's made of at the next level.

    I thought they would cut Vera but I hope he can turn it around. He was fun to watch before he played it safe.

    Bob Sapp might be a fun spectacle to watch. But the Dynamite card looks pretty interesting so far.

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