MMA Rumors: O’Brien vs. Jones, Goulet vs. Kim, Aoki vs. Sakurai


UFC Rumors

  1. Jake O’Brien vs. Jon Jones signed for UFC 100
  2. Jonathan Goulet vs. Dong Hyun Kim to UFC 100
  3. Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty added to UFC 100
  4. Paul Kelly vs. Roli Delgado at UFC 99

DREAM Rumors

  1. Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato Sakurai at DREAM 8 welterweight GP opening round.

[TG MMAJunkie, MMAWeekly]


  1. outrage(notreally) says:

    bj and florian wanted to fight in july, but they told them 100 was full so to wait till august. me id much rather see bj vs florian than matt grice vs shannon gugerty. that would put ufc 100 well over 1,000,000 buys for the ppv(not that its not already heading that way) so why not stack 100? the alternative is making penn vs florian main event for a mediocre card in august. shame on you ufc. not that 100 isnt going to be great it just could have been even better.

  2. i completely agree.

  3. i hope jon jones i fighting, dat guys exciting!

  4. Aoki vs. Sakurai is a great fight. the UFC fights for the 100 show dont look that interesting, Jon Jones lookes amazing against Stephan Bonner. I guess these are undercard fights, so it wont really make a diference to the PPV numbers.

  5. looked*

  6. good blog, the videos are nice and the pictures.

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