MMA Quick Hits: UFC 91 Fight Night

Just as the mainstream media hype machine gets rolling on UFC 91, some overlooked MMA news has hit the blogs.


  1. Kalib Starnes is probably breathing a BIG sigh of relief. It is pretty exhilarating running in circles. I think The Couture/Lesnar payouts a pretty fair. Lesnar should get a good guaranteed pay for the draw, but his win bonus shouldn't be higher than the veterans.

  2. Great pic of Chuck I wouldnt be suprised if he did party it up and get booted. Good payouts for Lesnar and Couture…250 grand guaranteed for both of them.

  3. Is it just me or does the girl on the far right look like she has a nice beer gut? I know she is bent over, but wow. That's a pretty impressive bulge.

  4. Its not just you

  5. dane drebin says:

    thats why liddell is attracted to her

  6. PooPooPlatter says:

    The black girl on the right has a "Chuck belly". LOL!

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