MMA News: Shogun and Ninja Rua Leave Team Chute Boxe

ninja shogun rua

According to the official Chute Boxe website, brothers Murilo “Ninja” Rua and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua have left team Chute Boxe in favor of starting their own team in the United States. The official word came from Rudimar Fedrigo leader of team Chute Boxe:

“They are fighters born here at Chute Boxe and left the team to form their own in the United States. Remember that the doors of Chute Boxe will always be open to both, and I wish good luck and success in their new job.”

Here is some fighters who have left the Chute Boxe in the past: Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Gabriel Gonzaga, Assuerio Silva and Evan Tanner. Many fighters are leaving Brazil to get a higher level of training here in the US. Ex-Chute Boxe fighter Wanderlei Silva, has been training at Team Xtreme Couture for this fight with Chuck Liddell at UFC 79 on December 29.

The Chute Boxe will take a big hit as the two bothers have been the “poster boys” of the Chute Boxe with their faces splashed all over team websites.


  1. Does not surprise me that they are leaving Chute Box since there are soooo many camps in the UFC that have elite fighters. It is better for them to train in a good camp in the U.S. Chute Box has weakened since the departure of Pride. UFC bought Pride and ruined the great stomps to the head and spectacular knockouts u use to c on every PPV. I just hope UFC has half the awesome fights that Pride did.

  2. M1 is trying to be like Pride from what I'm reading so maybe they can make that orgainization strong and we can see those great fighters and KO's again.

  3. M1 can never be like pride. currently, UFC has a majority of the top UFC superstars previously from pride — cro crop, rampage, henderson, both silvas, etc.

  4. also, what do they mean when they say "higher level of training" than the chute box? that place has produced some of the best fighters in pride and in the UFC.

  5. dane drebin says:

    he means they dont have any elite fighters left in chute boxe… the camp is only hindering the rua's growthe in this sport. silva is training with couture, griffin, stephan bonnar and a buncha other great guys. maybe the coaches are good at chute box but if u dont have the sparring partners to puch u it doesnt matter. its not the same chute boxe of old. if gonzaga, both silvas, both ruas and evan tanner were both there then we would be in a different boat but come one its pretty obvious what he ment by "higher level of training"

  6. I think they are looking for a change in their training regimen. Remember when Bonner finally decided to leave Chicago, he found new trainers and sparring partners to make his game more diverse….same with Leben….same with a lot of guys. You need to branch out to keep your game growing. That also is the #1 criticism for Tito Ortiz is the guy does not want to change his training and that the game might be passing him by.

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