MMA News: Diaz-Guida, Jess Liaudin Dropped, Silva Defiant


  1. daiz vs clay

    wow great fight cant wait to see nate get a other great sub win in the 2..

    Clay has always been in the top 20 or 15 light weights..he just beat mac and i think he is a great gate keeper for the ufc and i think nate will sub him in the 2 round , then move on to a top 5 guy, like joe "daddy" stevens???

  2. I pretty much agree. I'd love to see Nate VS Joe daddy

  3. icemanrcks says:

    im from stockton ca. (209) nate is in great shape knowing because we are training parteners. i think you guys are great not doubting nate aginst a guy like clay. i think nate is going to suprize alot of people with his all around game this fight. there will be no decision. go nate.

  4. Can't wait for Nate vs. Clay Guida match. Nick's little brother has really become a force to recon in his weight class as of lately.

  5. The loser of this match would be a great match for nover.

  6. I know nothing about Diaz's conditioning, but I know Guida's is pretty damn good. Nate has great submissions though, so it should be interesting. He may sub. him in the second, but he will probably be cut pretty bad. Not because Guida's standup is good, but because it seems like Nate just bleeds from the face in every fight.

  7. dane drebin says:

    i was always saying nate would be crazy good if he could put on a little muscle and last fight he looked in the best shape ive ever seen him in. look at past pics of him and compare he looks a lot more ripped. i think nates a bad matchup for clay because clay always takes people down and nate loves being on his back. clay doesnt have that great of standup and i think someone with awesome standup and awesome takedown defense would give diaz a hard time. i see clays wild ground and pound getting caught in a sub. but dont get me wrong this will be a hell of a test for daiz im not calling clay a slouch by any means the guy just tooled danzig.

  8. i think will be a great fight too…im going to pick Clay in an upset ….. by split decision .. if he dont get cought in a sub like ya'll say …Clay might just ground this one out

  9. Clay has fought some pretty good ground fighters and come out on top. I don't know, still, I think Diaz will take it.

  10. it'll be fun fight either way… hopefully

  11. This should turn out to be a retelling of the spider

    and the fly.

    Diaz will use The Carpenter's frenetic energy

    to eventually LEAD HIM into a position

    from which he cannot extricate himself.

    "Jump right ahead into my web."

    my my….

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