MMA Movie Trailer: Randy Couture in ‘Red Belt’


  1. so why is it called redbelt?

  2. yeah good question I went to there website hoping for more info all they have is a slightly different trailer.

    I guessing from the trailer Red means illegal or something along those lines. From the trailer I gathered that they "promotorers" steal this guys training technique and then make it so there fighters win every match with the white marble thinga. Anyone else got a take on it.

  3. Well, a solid red belt represents 10th level in BJJ, but hopefully they haven't made the mistake of saying that's the level the protagonist is at considering it's reserved for the founders only…

    I assume that the title is related to the ranking system in martial arts, but only because to me that seems like the logical conclusion.

  4. looks a bit different. Cant trust tim allen ha

  5. Back some 40 yrs ago when I began to train, a legendary red belt was only issued after a fight to the death

  6. Patrick says:

    In BJJ at least… a redbelt signifies the 10th degree and is only for the founding Gracies… Never heard about a fight to the death.

  7. thanks nice it on my site


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