MMA Live: Rashad Evans, UFC 133 And More [ESPN]

ESPN MMA Live talks with Rashad Evans about his UFC 133 matchup with Tito Oritz. Breaks down the UFC 133 fightcard and talks about the while main event mixup.

, UFC 133 And More [ESPN]" data-via="" >
Rashad Evans, UFC 133 And More [ESPN]" data-url="" data-via="">


  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm actually hoping Rashad will get his chance to beat on Jon Jones. I bought into the Jon Jones hype and that he was a good guy. But since he won the title his head swelled. Outside of all of the media hype that he does, he does nothing but make backhanded comments about other fighters. Anderson Silva is cocky but at least he tries to hide it. Jon Jones is buying into all of the hype about himself.

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