MMA Funnies: Junie Browning Life Coach Video

Junie Browning featured in a skit for the 2009 World MMA Awards.


  1. TartanTorpedo says:

    Ha, Now thats some funny shit.

    He's an absolute tool but fair play to the guy for taking the piss out of himself.

  2. Props to Junie. That was freakin funny hahaha

  3. yeah man won over a hater right there!

  4. good stuff

  5. Funny, but he's still a douche

  6. CobraClutch says:

    Really funny. You get respect when you admit you're a douche and make fun of yourself. He'll be back in MMA. Probably Strikeforce. Then he'll lose and we'll forget about him again…like that other guy…what was his name? Porn Machine or something? Can't remember anymore because he was SO last year. hahahah.

  7. he's just missing the raging alcoholic disk 6.

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