MMA Fix: UFC Treats Ortiz Like Shit

Warning! Don’t watch the end, Tito Ortiz and Jenna talk about spawning. Gross..


  1. please send me their sex tape. and i don't get tito. he BEGGED white to sign him to a 3 fight contract… and now he is angry that the UFC is treating him like shit? the UFC underpays everyone and fans know it!

  2. I got his hints. He said a big announcement this year and then said it had to do with fighting and named some fighters…and Couture was named twice. I don't know whats the deal with that and the smerk but both of those guys want better for fighters than they got in the UFC, so hopefully that means they are planning to back another organization. I'm all for the competition.

  3. yeah. i think elitexc may be the next UFC. they have frank shamrock, cung le for crying out loud, kimbo slice, and many more really outstanding fighters.

  4. tito is going to destroy machida in may!!!!!

  5. Realwun, ditto about the hints. I know what tito means about treats like shit comment, Couture feels the same way he wants fedor bad but they didn't get him cause they don't want to pay these guys what they should be getting paid. cause the last two pay per views have been weak exept the main fights lidell v silva, hughes v gsp, bj penn v steveson, the under card fights have been real weak. The elitexc just had a real good card last sat the under card fighters came to fight not hope they get to come back like in the ufc latley. Big ups to MARCUS GAINES FRom the Fields fighting out of sacras, Ca. The BABYFACE MANSlayer.

  6. I really think that if Lyoto Machida fights smart and at all costs avoids the takedown (ortiz's only strength in MMA cause he's onedimensional) then he could win the fight

  7. brandon you are right about that but machida is going to make that mistake and wants to go the ground because of jijistu bkgrnd. If he is smart he should stand and throw blows.Check out this kid on xcessfighting .com Marcus Gaines he fought last night in Dallas ,Tx and won the middlewieght belt. check out his fight with harvey the middlewieght champ he beat this guy from Lidell camp ,but the guy had some claus in the contract and he still has the belts and Marcus has asked for a rematch about three times and the guy harvy say's no. This kid is tuff. Marcus Gaines the babyface Manslayer, you see why i call him the babyface Manslayer

  8. Right now I'm picking Machida to win the fight against Ortiz. I think he has a better standing game and just needs to watch for Tito's shoots because once Tito is in the guard he turns it up.

  9. i would say ortiz but i think ortiz is all hollywood now so im going with Machida for now

  10. dane drebin says:

    i think ortiz still has it in him to beat machida… i know dana is hoping he doesnt haha

  11. Hey can anyone tell me why Bisping moved to Middleweight…he was a real solid lhw, why the change? I want to see him fight Marquart now

  12. dane drebin says:

    because he wont break the top 10 in the 205 division while in the 185 he has a good chance

  13. bc bisping-a-ling knows he won't ever be in the top 205.. especially when you have rampage, chuck liddell, wanderlei, forrest griffin, and mauricio rua. he even knows deep down that matt hammil is above him. if he moves down to middle, there is only rich franklin, anderson silva, and dan henderson.

  14. Rich Franklin sucks…hes overated and hes a pussy…i dont think hes a top fighter in the slightest

  15. you don't know rich were have you been?!

  16. if it wasn't for Tito there would be no UFC today TITO all the way !

  17. I know Rich, and hes just not that good of a fighter…

  18. dane drebin says:

    he's only lost to lyoto machida and a. silva… he's a damn good fighter and efended his title many times

  19. Rich is a good fighter. Anderson Silva has a lot of distance on Rich but rick has a lot of distance on the rest, except for Henderson. I think Bisping vs. Rich would be a good fight.

  20. I think Franklin would destroy Bisping. Franklin is a good fighter………I have Machida over Ortiz. "If it wasn't for Tito, there would be no UFC today."….What???? You've got to be joking.

  21. tito can say that all he wants and he did add to the development of the ufc. but lately the only thing he has been is a great coach with a hot slutty girlfriend.

  22. There's no question he added to the development, but damn, He gives himself all the credit. What was his last quote in the last interview? Something like, "I invented everything…." LOL..Tito's just a cock, just what Jenna needs. I'm glad they found each other.

  23. Yeah but you know its true!

  24. i want to see rich franklin vs tito ortiz.

  25. Tito is just sounding like a guy trying to impress his girlfriend. I can't stand him anymore. Jenna always needs to be the center of attention and Tito is playing that game now. She is known for swallowing things and the latest on that list is Tito's career.

  26. dane drebin says:

    i dont think tito and franklin should fight… i mean it would be awesome to watch but i think they should become training partners… they are both cardio freaks and known for their work ethic… plus they are opposites of eachother in the fight game they would learn a lot from one another

  27. joe know your mma history Dana said it himself

  28. derek, elite is NOT going to be the next ufc anytime soon with the wannabes and has beens you're talking about.

  29. Tito and Franklin would be a horrible fight…Franklin would be slow at 205 and Tito has never fought at 185 i believe…plus rich franklin sux and tito is completely one dimensional with his only strength being ground and pound

  30. Thanks for the props on Marcus Gaines. Your right, Harvey doesn't want a rematch with this kid. Marcus should be WCO Middleweight Champ, but the CSAC cut the fight to 3 three minute rounds. I wish the WCO would call so we could have a belt shot!

    Marcus' ring name is "The Gladiator" I like Babyface Manslayer!

    What out Silva!

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