MMA Fight Weekly: Leben, Matt Serra Talks Matt Hughes

MMA Fight Weekly features an exclusive interview with the former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra. Matty talks about the post GSP backlash and injuries.


  1. huges should beatserra

  2. this has the looks of a macho man randy savage vs. ravashing rick rude loser leaves the ufc match. Hughes is done has the class to walk away and stop doing it for the money, you havent been a contender in a long time.

  3. does anyone care about a hughes serra rematch?

  4. They have never fought. I actually think Serra will beat Hughes. Hughes still has a very one dimensional style, where Serra has good BJJ and has good stand up. I am pretty sure Hughes has the strength over Serra though, so if he can bring him to the ground, the ball is in Hughes' court. His speed hasn't been looking good lately though.

  5. bwahahahaha… Serra has good stand up. LMAO

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