Mitsuhiro Ishida Camp Submits Verbal Protest For Greasing, Melendez Calls It “Weak”


Mitsuhiro Ishida camp filed a verbal protest with the California State Atletic Commission, accusing Strikeforce intrim lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez of Greasing during their rematch last Saturday at Strikeforce “Carano vs Cyborg”.

Melendez calls Ishida’s accusations “Weak”,

“I did not grease in the fight … The athletic commission was with me the whole time. I didn’t bring any grease with me. I didn’t think there was much grappling in the fight anyway … It’s kind of funny, but kind of weak … I beat him good and there’s no way I greased.”

No formal complaint has been filed with the CSAC. Ishida’s camp will have five days to file an official protest, said CSAC Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas,

“In order for it to be considered official, we have to have something in writing … Ever since the Penn-St. Pierre fight, our inspectors have been duly trained to be very attentive to what’s happening backstage and in the corner,”

We will have to see if anything come’s out of this or if it was just frustration from Ishida, who was completely dominated in all aspect of the fight by Melendez.



    Exactly how does grese assist in connecting your fist to an opponent's face?!…Great job BJ! Now EVERYBODY claims greasing when they get their butts handed to 'em.

  2. Killah Hillz says:

    BJ is a BJ.

  3. ishida claims greasing cause he couldn't take melendez down. as a result, he was forced to strike with melendez — the superior striker. consequently, he lost. i wonder what kind of grease they use.

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