Mirko Cro Cop Is Not Ready To Retire, Plans 2 Fights In 2011

I’m not sure what the UFC plans for Mirko Cro Cop after his disappointing fight with Frank Mir, but the once feared Croatian striker isn’t spewing retirement talk like he normally doses after a hard loss.

“I think [the crowd] expected a more aggressive fight. I prepared as much as I could with all the injuries that have followed me. Also, I was sick [in Indianapolis]. I did not want to fight aggressive until the third round but he hit me with the knee…. Mir did not want dynamic fight. I was told not to push it till the third round. I was going to spend last two minutes attacking. I did not see the knee. ….I don’t think I was disgraced in this fight because I accepted it at the last moment. After Pat Barry I said that would be my last fight but I fought again. I need to rest and cure my injuries, I have a lot of injuries. This year of course I will not fight. I have the option for two more fights. Knowing myself, I will do both.”

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  1. i would really like to see him drop to 205. i dont understand why he doesnt. he is way to small for heavyweight. he can easily make 205 and there would be a lot more interesting fights for him there.

  2. Agreed…there is no way he is going to compete with any of the huge HWTs. If he drops to 205, he may be able to prolong his career but he is done at HWT.

  3. Nichole Lesniak says:

    My husband and I say the same thing all the time…

  4. please, either retire or get some fights against some bums to go out winning. He no longer deserves to be on any main card. If his name wasnt cro cop he would have been cut by the ufc IMO. getting your head kicked off by Gonzaga then losing to freakin Kongo. That's unacceptable LOl. Hasnt he only beat some bum and patrick berry while in the UFc ?? he got his face splattered by dos santos and now a KO by Frank Mir ?? Mir a KO, time to hang em' up cro cop.

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