Mirko Cro Cop Considering A Wardrobe Change In Rematch With Overeem

cro cop new duds

It is rumored that Mirko Cro Cop is considering a Wardrobe change in his rematch with Overeem.

[By Olieng via MMAConvert]


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:


  2. LMAO….at least he has a sense of humor!

  3. I hope he learns how to defend the takedown b/c if he dont he will get fucked like he was in the first fight.

  4. He should be hardcore and have a REAL mace hanging from his crotch.

  5. He isnt the same fighter he was years ago…

  6. all of the hype and we get a no contest. i saw the fight and overeem was nailing him with cheap knees. but i agree that crocop was being dominated aside from that.

  7. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Then it would stop those low knees Ryan! lol

  8. hahaha

  9. dominated or not, i can hardly think after I take a nut shot let alone win a fight

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