Michael Bisping In Big Bear Training With Rampage

michael bisping

“When they first offered me the fight I wasn’t that keen to be honest,” the 14-0 Count admitted. “I didn’t really see what it did for me in terms of moving me up in the UFC light heavyweight division when it was first presented to me. At first, I wasn’t that excited, it is fair to say. I felt he was a backwards step because I won The Ultimate Fighter so I thought ‘What is the point of fighting someone else from the show?’”

“And if he’s hoping that I’m gonna cut corners in training he’ll be very upset when he reads this — because I’m going to Big Bear to train for a month with Rampage Jackson. That’s how keen I am to put on the performance of my life and smash this arrogant egomaniac to bits. I’ve done a complete 180 — I’ve never been so excited and motivated for a fight in my career because I am fighting a guy I can’t stand personally. No way am I losing to this egomaniac — and I am really excited to go to California to train with a fighter of the level of Rampage.”

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  1. These guys are already good strikers…they need to find some jujitsu training partners instead.

  2. I think Bisping will kill the guy. Sounds determend to hurt ole Hammil. I don't see it lasting over 1 round.

  3. Meatmallet says:

    Will be a good fight for both of them. We will see if Tito jerkin Matt off the whole season did him any good.

  4. eeh

  5. I am not too impressed with bisping i just dont think he has been tested amd beating up matt hamill isnt really going to do much for him either. Matt Hamill is just not a fighter. Heis a wrestler with sloppy stand up and what seems like bad cardio. So i am looking forward to seiing Bisping fight somebody that is actually a contender. Lie maybe fight Stephen Bonnar who is making a comeback and we all kno he can take a hit and give some back so that would be interesting.

  6. Unlike steve i have been realitively impressed with bisping although they haven't gave him that good of opponent yet which i think they should. I have always thought a perfect fight would be Bisping Vs Rashad Evans. They are at about the same skill level but i think Bisping would win.

    I think Bisping kind of reminds me of what they have done to Karo Paresian. Karo has done a very good job yet they always give him crappy fights. Heck he beat the current champ

  7. Realwun says:

    Steve and brent, I agree with both of you. Bisbing has a natural striking talent that people who fight can see instantly. But hasn't been tested, fighting Ross and "the kind of rock and rumble" aka the human stepping stone.

    But I think Bisping vs. Rashad would be a good test and I hope to see that one day…two up and comers going at it. But I"m still looking foward to this fight anyway.

  8. i think that what that steve said was realy true and that stephan bonnar vs michael bisping would be one hell of a fight i love stepan bonnar and i think he is very underated well at the moment. changing matters i think michael bisping easily has the capability of matt hamil but it all depends on the night looking forward to it.

  9. Rashad-Bisping, That would be the fight!

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