Meet The Women Of American Gladiators

EliteXC female superstar Gina Carano made her debut on The American Gladiators TV show on Sunday night. Carano went 4-0 in her appearance, even pulling guard on the big pyramid to stop a much larger contestant from getting to the top. Gina did have trouble on the Joust, but managed to stay on the platform till time expired.

WARNING…I am not 100% certain some of these women are actually females.


  1. dude…ew….like why would girls want to make themselves look like this…its fucked up

  2. helga needs to lay off the roids because her voice is way to deep for a woman.

  3. after seeing this, the title should be changed to 'Meet the Men & Women of American Gladiators."

  4. dane drebin says:

    im pretty sure helga is a dude

  5. Let me just be the first to say…I'd hit it. Which one you ask?….All of them. I don't care what you guys say, I know I'm not the only one. C'mon guys don't be afraid, tell the truth, you'd hit it too.

    Actually, not only would I hit it, I'll go so far as to say I think a lot of those women are good looking.

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