Mayweather Sr. Breaks Down Pacquiao vs Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Vegas to “scout” out new championship talent.


  1. talk about a disappointing fight. i used to be a huge boxing fan and i was looking forward to this, because there is really no other draw than pacman.

    they need a heavyweight draw to make boxing exciting again. the ufc has made a ton of money because of brock lesnar and boxing needs that kind of draw. an exciting heavyweight.

  2. STEVEO says:

    I am not a boxing fan because of guys like Mayweather, theres one fight fans want to see and hes too busy ducking pacman. Guys a joke won't get in the ring with the only guy that poses a threat. The only fight fans want to see won't happen til both these guys are past their prime. Thats why I like MMA its not up to them for title fights.

  3. good point, mayweather is a joke. he'll find any reason to not fight pacquio.

  4. Boxing is like a lot of sports. Its not going away its just waiting on someone to rejuvenate it. But right now, it's completely in a drought.

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