Mayhem Miller Trash Talking Nick Diaz “Don’t Be Scared, Homie”

Jason “Mayhem” Miller wearing a shirt “Don’t Be Scared, Homie”


  1. he does make a great point about weight, when hes fighting someone he knows he can beat hes all about going up, i hope it happens and mayhem works him over

  2. yup but what a funny dude

  3. Alvan Dal says:

    Diaz is going to hand him his ass

  4. I'll be looking forward to the rebuttle. But I will need it translated.

  5. no thats funny ryan s

  6. other derek says:

    both these guys are tools… they should let rich franklin fight both these guys and out class both of them…learn how to be a class act two trash bags….learn respect its a sport

  7. if you guys love mayhems antics like I do, he's on the Jason Ellis show on XM I think its channel 52 everyday when I am driving home from, hes not on everyday, but when he is, hilarious!

  8. maybe Sonnen should bury them both where they stand whilst he's doing Bisping!

  9. all antics and trash talk aside, i think diaz will trash him in the cage. i predict diaz by body shots

  10. Mayhem is a good fighter. GSP couldnt finish him. And he almost submitted a world class grappler/BJJ guy in Jake shields. Mayhem is great

  11. Murk Dogg says:

    It's "e-ma-ci-at-ed" Mayhem. Hangin' out with Ellismate too much. RED DRAGONS!!!

  12. Kung Fu Panda says:

    I really like both Diaz's and Mayhem's fighting styles and abilities but they are both duches and stupid morons. Their antics and interviews allow for MMA bashers to continue to rip on our great sport.

  13. but jay, its been a while since gsp finished anyone

  14. but i do agree that mayhem is a tough guy

  15. jbug do you even know when Miller and GSP fought?

    You're just commenting with stupid shit

  16. commenting with stupid shit? why is that, because i predicted diaz would beat his ass? has it not been awhile since gsp finished anyone, or have i just been missing something all this time? and i think they fought in maybe 2005 or 2006 but not 100 percent sure. take it easy miko, we dont need another cc on this website

  17. Mayhem is going to kill Diaz so easy ,

    this is why Diaz is sceared

    Daiz has proved that he is a big cowred

  18. Rentless1977 says:

    Diaz is always acting like a stud but when it comes to the real time with Mayhem , he acted like a chicken shit .

    Why have you made a brawl that you can’t back it up ,

    I saw Diaz on YouTube saying that he is smaller than Miller and he has not started the fight … hahaha so funny when he is shiting himself and making fake excuses not to fight Miller

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