Mayhem Miller Plans To Reveal His Masterpiece Against Aaron Simpson at UFC 132

Jason Mayhem Miller at cage vs cons talks about his return fight to the UFC against Aaron Simpson at UFC 132 on July 2nd.


  1. Happy to see Miller back in the UFC. He's a big mainstream name. He's going to bring fans of bully beatdown and Ellismania that may have not seen much of the UFC into the mix. I think he will be able to handle Simpson pretty easily and hopefully after that he'll get the rematch with Jake Shields thats the fight I want to see.

  2. Me too. The last Mayhem/Shields fight was really good and came down to the wire.

  3. TokyoREW says:

    Last time I revealed my masterpiece all I got was a night in jail.

  4. The shields rematch will only happen if jake goes back up to 185. Mayhem will not be going to WW any time soon.

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