Mayhem Erupts In The Cage To Cap Off Strikeforce “Nashville” On CBS

Here’s what people on twitter are saying:

  • Dana White – “:)”
  • Ariel Helwani – I hope that did not just signal the end of MMA on CBS
  • Gus Johnson on CBS – Gentleman, you’re on national television!
  • WatchKalibRun – Who knew that EliteXC was going to hold more shows on CBS than Strikeforce?
  • Mayhem – Whoops
  • MMAJunkie – Here at press conference. It’s like the school lunchroom after a playground scrap. Coker still gatherin reports to find out what happened.
  • Miguel Torres – Oh, the Diaz bros are gangster as shit. Pride rules live. Mayhem should be the victim on “Bully Beatdown” show
  • Kit Cope – We all love @mayhemmiller shenanigans, but that’s just the wrong crew to mess about with! I think he just got jumped in.


  1. Its official between the last UFC and the last strikeforce the best fight was Mayhem Miller vs the "rat pack."

  2. that was exactly what all of the mma critics would expect of mma. even though that happens in all sports, strikeforce is done on cbs. unless maybe they kick mayhem out of the company. but probably done.

  3. CobraClutch says:

    WTF was that WWE bullshit??? Seriously lame. This was more embarrassing than anything Anderson Silva could ever do in the ring. Dana White must be masturbating to that replay, thinking "UFC…STILL number one!"

  4. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    They should kick out d-bags like Diaz before Mayhem. Sure that was a dick move but Diaz, Jake and their crew started that jumpin session which looked real trashy. Mayhem gets props for taking on 6 or 7 guys and still standing at the end.

  5. Mayhem got jumped that was all the Diaz's gang fault . i think they should ban the Diaz's gang and their thug mentality from the ring . this isn't on the corner on Stockton somwhere. they looked like trailor park trash.what punks.

  6. Nichole Lesniak says:

    There are always guys in the ring after fights. Mayhem was being Mayhem – even Shields laughed. Effin Melendez started it by shoving him. Further reason why I hate the Diazes.

    I don't think Shields was really involved at all, so I don't fault him.

  7. Hmm, that unfortunate but entertaining non the less. Joe Rogan would have never let that happen on his watch!! LOL. Maybe they shoudl do some team MMA, at least there should always be some action to watch. They could do 2 on 2, 3 on 3, etc.

    Refs should carry a cattle prod, grab the fence ZAP, grabing shorts, ZAP. get unruley in the cage ZAP ZAP ZAP!

  8. PoppyNick says:

    Diaz bros make the sport look bad. What is even funnier is they act all hard after doing what they did and it took about 3 or 4 of them and Mayhem still standing. Those dudes are punks and should not be allowed in the ring.

  9. big gibby says:

    i think coker should fire that jerk mayhem. This clown needs to go and take his goofy facial expressions with him. Wow nate diaz was trying to kick miller in the head. Wow a very embarrassing night for the sport of mma.

  10. The funny thing is, if this happened in hockey it would probably be one of the most popular games of the season, and thats not even a fight sport!

    taztke- what would joe rogan do? start saying that diaz was going for a uma-plata or a gogoplata at completely random times?

    big gibby- how was it mayhem's fault, lots of fighters have and still do come down to the cage to ask for rematches or whatever. the only difference this time is melendez pushed him into the diaz brothers who decided to start raining blows down on him. also, watch the video, he was one of the first ones to calm down and get out of the fight.

  11. that is, stop throwing punches anyway. The other guys were still all laying on him or whatever they were doing.

  12. I think the real fail goes to SF management and their terrible lack of control. where was coker during all this? Why are they letting fighters into the ring mid interview with no escort? Bush league management from a low grade promotion.

  13. BJJ Brown Belt says:

    Both sides deserve blame but it would not have started if Mayhem would not have interupted in the middle of the interview. I agree with Rich that there was no control by SF. In the UFC and, even in other orgs, fighters call each other but they uusally do it after the interview has finished. That is the correct way to do it. Don't get me wrong, I am defending the Gracie bunch but Mayhem had no business interupting and trying to get a piece of the spotlight. Mayhem likes to do things to get under people skin and antogonize people. He had no business coming in there anyway because if Sheilds ends up with SF, Lawlor should have the next crack at him anyway. Someone needs to give him some riddlin (sp?).

  14. big gibby says:

    if jake ever really wants to find out if he is the best there is only 1 place to go……………….UFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. On Network Television, a family network. Do you know how may letters will flood CBS from furious mothers and critics of MMA. It's a huge steback to the strides that MMA has made, an honorable sport that looks like the Tank Abott years. Embarassing…just embarassing.

  16. i agree with rich. Bush league for sure.

    But this wont set back mma too much. Baseball has bench clearing brawls all the time. Basketball does also. Hockey!!!! And have you seen the mayweather/mosley press conferences?

    PPl will get over this. I do agree tho, not real classy.

    Dana has to be so happy.

  17. I don't understand why mayhem jumping in there is a big deal every ufc show they bring someone in the ring right after a fight is over or some fighter is jawing at another guy from ringside. This hasn't ever been a problem there yet, i think its funny that everyone blames mayhem, jake shields your only as good as the people you surround yourself with, time to get some new friends.

  18. mickeymarin says:

    Diaz bothers, what a couple of f**king jokes. I hope those clowns make lots of money and don't blow it so they don't end up on the public dole when they are old and brain fried. F**king nate kicking a guy thats down like a little b*t*h.

    Hey Mayhem, right the f**k on man. F**k these p*ssies whining about what it will do to MMA's image. You understand it's all entertainment and not this stoic, tame BS these freaks want.

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