Mauricio Shogun Rua Preparing for his UFC 93 Clash With Mark Coleman

Shogun showing off some impressive knee skills during a recent training session. Rua has been sidelined all of 2008 with a ACL knee injury. Rua underwent surgery to repair the injury and is now medically cleared to fight.


  1. dane drebin says:

    he looks to be in a lot better shape than when he faught foresst with those saggy titties. i sure hope he comes back and lives up to what he use to do. i think he will submitt coleman in the first or second. it kinda sucks cuz i wanted coleman to do well with his return too. hopefully its a good fight and not too one sided so we will see both back win or lose. It's exciting shogun is finally on his way back

  2. yeah i hope he lives up to his past to shut up some of the haters

  3. he'll be fighting for the title before we know it.

  4. If only this is finally it…shogun is one of the guys from pride who was supposed to come roaring through the ufc and yet has not (due to injury, albeit) paid off…I do think he'll start to clean house as his knee gets back to 100 percent…but who are gonna be his best challenges?…with a few more wins…maybe rampage or rematch with griffin

  5. I'm waiting to see which shogun shows up. I heard him referred to as the brazilian BJ Penn. A guy with tons of talent but his training and his mental focus are his downfalls. I've got to agree with that.

    I'm interested in seeing this only for the bad blood that spilled into the ring after the 1st fight. How great was that?

  6. Businessman says:

    I agree with Jake. We'll see which Rua shows up. I hope he comes back because I like his agressive style and it would be interesting to have another threat at 205…someone to replace Lidell.

  7. Rua is one of the best 205's in the world. Don't let the griffin fight fool anyone. If he is 100 percent he can beat anybody at 205. Just imagine the fights to come if he is recovered. Good times in the UFC at 205.

  8. Franklin vs Hua anyone?!! It seems as long as the other guy's not named Anderson Silva, Franklin can take just about anyone…this would be an awesome matchup of the ir two styles…win or lose…next fight for rich after hendo…yeah?!

  9. That would be a great fight for both guys. They both have something to prove. Hua vs. Liddell at 205 would be interesting as well. Is Chuck done? Is Hua really back?

  10. either one of those names sounds great for shogun, after his fight with coleman i expect he will be facing somone with a big name.

  11. hua vs liddel WOULD HAVE been great when it was supposed to happen..if chuck loses or shogun loses…it pretty much turns into a loser goes home match

  12. shogun is young it would not be the end for him but chucks about out of loses, i real don't see him even trying to go after the belt again i expect to see him try to get 2-3 big paydays and call it a day. i see him fighting randy and maybe even silva if he beats randy and maybe the ufc wil use his last fight for a up and comer to give them a big win.

  13. I hope that's not the way they send him out…that would suck for a guy who at one point was one of their ONLY big names….although dana's douchebaggery is legendary…I still put this one past him…I think he'll give chuck a good fight to leave on in a year or two…feed him some sacrificial lamb to go out on…dana seems to legitimately like chuck….seems to. Although if chuck wins his next fight convincingly we'll all be talking about how his legacy compares to randy's and not how randy's still got it and chuck's lost it…we'll see

  14. your right it could go that way i still see him going for a few big paydays against fighters like randy or silva and than maybe a can to retire on your right.

  15. Thank you…now tell me there's really still a santa clause and my christmas will be just fine…

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