Matt “The Law” Lindland Talks Strikeforce Deal, Rumored Title Fight

Matt Lindland expected to get back to fighting in October. Rumors had him possibly fighting Jake Shields for the Strikeforce interim middleweight belt.

I like to see him get past “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler before getting that title shot.


  1. Get KTFO in fight = next fight fighting for strikeforce belt? Yea I'd say thats legitimate…

  2. well they don't have alot of mw's or ww's and he was higher ranked at one point than anyone they probally have.

  3. ….is why its strikefarce

  4. there doing there best, so far so good.

  5. lol. i mean really Lindland is a big name and has a good record + lost to a good opponent.

    UFarCe anyone?

    Champ shot at 2-1?!


    BIG BIG difference in being the next big thing coming in, dominating and then making a rookie mistake (which he made up for in the rematch). Who is THE LAW? I don't know but I heard his last opponent fought him -and HE won.

  7. oh and Dominating an Over rated Herring! (Mir is a joke anyways.)

    Lindland is 21-6.

    his losses are mostly from top top comp.

    (Belfort, Rampage, Fedor are some of them)

  8. he did good against rampage.

  9. ooo good call mike (on lesnar) (no sarcasm)

  10. and on the clever UFarCe (sarcasm)

  11. dane drebin says:

    u guys are being pretty lame about this. it should be a sick fight! lindlands getting old and didnt look very good at all physically against vitor but hopefully he's still got some fight left in him. it should be a sick grappling match. isnt lindland an olympic silver medalist in wrestling? i dont think sheilds will be able to take him down very easy and it will be interesting to see how sheilds is at subs when he doesnt hav top control.

  12. Matt would Kill Robby Lawler..Chung le would be a good fight..Sheild will sub Lidllands..

  13. dane drebin says:

    whos this CHUNG le u speak of?

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