Matt Serra UFC 117 “Silva vs Sonnen” Predictions

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra predicts this weekends UFC 117 “Silva vs Sonnen”.

Silva vs. Sonnen: Sonnen has a chance.
Fitch vs. Alves: Fitch grinding out a decision.
Guida vs. Dos Anjos: Guida
Almeida vs. Hughes: His boy Almeida
Dos Santos vs. Nelson: Nelson


  1. Anderson Silva could lose, but Sonnen been talkin too much trash

  2. ironcjb82 says:

    Sonnen really has no chance of winning. Pretty much zero percecnt chance…

  3. i wouldnt say 0 percent chance, more like a 20-25% chance, depends on how much he worked on his submission defence cause u know at one point silva will throw in a good sub attempt. This fight will go to the ground at 1 point 100% (whether its a sonnen takedown or a silva knockout someone's back is gonna be on the ground). Anyways hope Sonnen wins, Silva is starting to become a douche bag, not a humble respectful champ at all. Insulting his opponents and such, if he's really THAT good he can beat Mia on the ground (in Mia's gaurd) or knockout Cote in 30 seconds, i just dont get all the dancing around and insulting your opponent, its not a very honorable or respectful thing to do (which I do think the UFC is trying to represent their sport as). I'm not arguing you should not fight to your strenghts and your opponents weaknesses but seriously if you cant beat your opponent at their own game why dance around like a fucking monkey, if you wanna go do that join the WWE or TNA.He should finish his opponents to the best of his abilities, i'm sure people would rather see a 30 sec to 2min knockout or submission then him dance around like a bitch for 5 rounds pounding his chest and talking shit to his opponent. Alves over fitch by split decision i'm betting, Guida by decision, Almeida (Hughes should stay retired he's just too much outa his prime), Dos Santos if it stays on the feet and Nelson if it goes to the ground that gut could hold lesner down.

  4. The thing about Silva is that he is so precise with his strikes on the ground too. He can Inflict pain from all angles. I see Silva Rocking Sonnen on the feet and than finsishing him up on the ground by tko

  5. P4P #1 Fan says:

    This looks like a real good card. I am going to go with all of Serra's picks except for Nelson. Nelson is really tough but Dos Santos is going to be too quick for Nelson.

  6. I agree with Baktai completely. Sonnen has a chance and I am pulling for him, but I think Silva is gonna bring his A game, unlike his most recent fights. I would take Alves over Fitch simply because Alves is hard to get to the ground and keep there. He was even able to get out from under GSP several times. But Fitch has never been knocked out in his UFC career, so I would say Alves by decision also.

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