Matt Serra Rejected By The Marines?

In a recent article titled “5 things you didn’t know about Matt Serra” on, it states that Matt Serra was rejected by the Marine corp, following a brutal street fight.

When Matt Serra was 17 years old, he decided to enroll for delayed entry into the U.S. Marines Corps. However, before training began, Serra got into a pretty severe street fight where his opponent was seriously injured. Matt Serra was charged with a felony for the fight; however, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

We didn’t here about this in all those behind the scenes hype videos.


  1. Those were the old days, pre-Iraqi Freedom. They take anybody now. Felons and all.

  2. Let me ask you something, who cares what happened in his past. Did he do anything in todays world that has to be brought up? No? Has he gotten any more felonies or lessor charges under his belt? No? Then it doesnt matter. Tank Abbott got all those street fights under his belt and so does Kimbo Slice and nobody talks about that. So what if they werent charged, its the same thing. Why doesnt everyone talk about what is real and happening today? Who will be the better fighter on Saturday's fight? Thats the real question?

  3. ha i know he wqas 17 who didnt fight when they were 17

  4. the only thing i know is that matt serra won the 1999 pam ameican championships in brazilia jj.

  5. matt was rejected by the marines? must be the height requirement.

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