Matt Hughes Is Not Impressed With Joe Rogan’s Performance

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes disagrees with Joe Rogan’s commentary on the Martin Kampmann vs Jake Shields fight last Saturday at UFC 121.

“From a technical view, Kampmann had a terrible fight, in my opinion, he gave the fight to Shields … One thing I will say is Joe Rogan’s commentary was a little off during the fight. The ground game was pretty even in my book with Shields doing a little more controlling. Kampmann escaped to his feet several times and Kampmann had more submission attempts than Shields had, but listening to Rogan, you would have thought Shields had submitted him the first ten seconds of being on the ground. I really think the UFC could use a third man doing the broadcast, that has some experience inside the Octagon. I don’t disagree with everything Rogan says, but there are a lot of things he says that I just laugh at.” [Matt-Hughes]


  1. Ross McKenzie says:

    Matt Hughes making another title run that is something to laugh at.

  2. Snoop Doggy says:


  3. Good point. Neither Rogan nor Goldberg have fought in the Pro's, perhaps at least one Vet could join the commentary. I think Bas Rutten is pretty good or a Newbie like Stephan Bonner.

  4. Both announcers need to be replaced, they both are clearly hype mechanisms for the UFC…. I would love to have a couple or three professionals in there (one of them having been a a current or former fighter – Pat Militech does a good job and I like Kenny Florians commentary).

  5. i don't think it's a good idea to have current fighters commentating on fights. It can lead to some biases. Retired Fighters though? Sounds great.

    IMO, it feels like joe rogan picks a fighter he likes, in a lot of cases, before the fight even starts. He then procedes to comment on only his fighter throughout most the fight.

  6. I like Joe, but he clearly picked his favorite in that fight. Hughes is right.

  7. Iron Monkey says:

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  8. @ iron monkey

    uh what? I don't understand how that applies to this conversation. Are you saying there's nothing wrong with the rogan/goldberg duo? Just trying to clarify.

  9. Iron Monkey says:

    I just think that Rogan seems biased sometimes, but so what. His overall talent for what he does far outweighs an apparent bias here or there for some fighters. He's knowledgeable and verbose, and great on camera. You don't have that combination anywhere else in this sport, anywhere. Adding somebody else in there to add technical comments would probably just cause conflict on the broadcast. Each one cutting the other off continually. I hate to say it, but what exactly does Hughes know that Rogan doesn't? I saw him on a video "commenting" on a Mike Swain judo demonstration by calling a beautifully executed o guruma a "hip toss". He knows wrestling only. Don't get me wrong, he's an effective fighter. I'd say top 5 at 170, but i think his complete knowledge of martial arts is lacking. Let's not get spun up against Rogan just because he doesn't like Rogan.

  10. That's a valid point too. Perhaps they should attain a second duo for some venues and try combinations. I like the ideal of Militich, he's an incredibly seasoned MMA mind, but Iron Monkey brings up an important factor, which is that any Commentator should have a universal understanding to Sport Combat Martial Arts, so they can comment with intelligence. As the sport grows it's important for the Commentators to grow with it and perhaps it's time to bring in some more.

  11. I agree with Ironmonkey. Not to mention, you see bias announcers all the time in sports. They are allowed to have a favorite, I think they just can't unnecessarily talk negative about the other. Joe Rogan actually makes it funny too.

  12. YeahBuddy says:

    KenFlo has done a good job in the past. I like Bonnar right up to the point where he opens his mouth. If you really want hilarity, but Nick Diaz in a suit and give him a mike!!! OMG! Hilarity would ensue.

  13. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Sure, all retarded people are a little funny, but seriously the UFC would never give that clown a chance till he starts acting his age. Diaz is trapped in his Teenage mind

  14. I would rather listen to Diaz other than Mike Goldberg, that guy is a moron, I have no idea how he got his job, my guess is he is buddys with Dana or Lorenzo cause that guy is and will continue to be a joke, ITS ALL OVER, yep thats all you've got.

  15. PoppyNick says:

    IronMonkey, fully agree with what you stated…good post.

  16. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Why don't you just like his asshole PoppyNick

    Did you really have to place a post that just kisses Iron Monkey's ass?

  17. If anyone knows a good asshole licking its cobra clutch, the real one i guess

  18. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Steveo stop dreaming about me you fag

  19. I do enjoy that rogan knows his stuff when it comes to jits, but his biases mislead the more uneducated of the sport. It makes some people believe a match can be more one-sided than it is, and leads some fans to question decisions that are correct anyways.

    All-in-all he helps and hurts at the same time.

  20. Newbies hate the ground so the fact that Rogan shows man-love to Shields is not going to sway them that much anyway, they wouldn't care. I've heard a lot of pro's do announcing and they suck (Frye comes to mind first off). Rogan is just a fan and fan's have their favs. Since Rogan loves the ground he's going to favor Shields every time. I can't think of a mma retiree that would do a better job.

  21. P4P #1 Fan says:

    My issue with Joe is that he is wrong more often that you want a comentator to be. Maybe it his angle…not sure if he has the a screen on his desk to watch the fight or if he watching only through the cage….but he is wrong way too much. Also I don't think he is funny. A couple of my friends think he is funny, so maybe it is me but I don't. He comes like he knows it all but then like a real ass when he makes a mistake.

  22. ironcjb82 says:

    Im used to them now. Probably be hard to adjust to some new commentary. Nobody is worse then the strikeforce crew. Well maybe Don Florian is good but he could be bias sometime, but when he retires from fighting he should get in there.

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