Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk Comment On Greasing

Steve Cofield talks with Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk on the whole GSP greasing incident at UFC 94.

TG “Roy”


  1. Ugh, just let it die.

  2. Matt Hughes sucks says:

    And who cares what Sean Sherk the cheater says about cheating?

    Who is this Matt Hughes guy anyway? He sounds angry and bitter.

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    lol Was thinkin this also

  4. Porsche930_Pilot says:

    AHHH! it's like yea lets jump on the band wagon and accuse George of greasing. Big surprise that it's Hughes, Penn and that idiot Serra all the guys that got their ass kicked by GSP. Anybody who knows Hughes know he would have mentioned it at the time if he believed it was going on but not a word is said until now. Gimmie a break.

  5. I love how hughes said GSP was the better fighter that night as if he is in the same league as GSP. I know he beat GSP once but that shit was a fluke. And I agree with Sherk about saying something during the fight. But the facts are all scramble and its a big conspiracy theory. GSP may have bathed in the grease lol. WOW now this shit is getting out of hand.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Porsche930_Pilot, that 3rd guy was Sherk… not Serra if you're talkin about the video.

    Steve, GSP losing to Hughes the 1st time wasn't a fluke at all… GSP just wasn't at the level then that he is now. If he lost to Hughes now it would be a fluke. lol

  7. JASON MILLER, Frank Trig and Matt And sherk all say GSP always does it..

    Idk what to think because GSP always looks so shiny and golden..could he be baything in GRESS

  8. These guys need to stop blaming GSP and "grease" for their lack of skill. Get over it boys. YOU got your asses handed to you. Maybe, you guys should start training how to defend a take down or how work off your back. Hughes and Sherk spent more time on their back than a prostitute in those fights.

    Who is Hughes to even comment, in his last two fights with GSP, I dont think he even landed a punch or laid a finger on him for that matter.

    Do it again, and I bet you you'll get it even worse!

    Get over it!

  9. Oswald yes it was a fluke. The only reason GSP didnt win that fight is becuase of nerves. He admitted that he was fighting his idol and couldnt even look Hughes in the eye before the fight. He fought him again and showed it was a fluke. GSP had those same skills that he used on Hughes in the second fight back when he fought him the first time he just was nervous and didnt use them.

  10. Actually ok sure it wasnt a fluke he just could never do it again:)

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