Matt Hughes and Matt Serra Named As Coaches In TUF Season 6

During the UFC 70 Broadcast in Manchester England, Dana White announced that Matt Hughes and Matt “The Terror” Serra would be the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter season 6. A war of words was started during Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter, when Matt Hughes came in as a guest coach. Hughes was making fun of Georges St. Pierre. St. Pierre would later go on to KO Matt Hughes at UFC 65 winning the UFC Welterweight belt.

Season 6 of The Ultimate fighter is rumored to feature 16 Welterweight fighters and would air in September. Not much information was announced by Dana White, but we will have to assume that Season 6 will lead up to a showdown between Matt Serra and Matt Hughes.


  1. Can't believe they are going to wait that long, but I think it will be a good season and fight.

  2. Yeah, I thought Matt Hughes vs. Serra would be sooner. I guess its all about setting up these rivalry's.


  4. Hughs showed his true colors when he came as guest coach, what a dick! St. Pierre showed he's twice the man Hughs is. NO, I don't think Hughs should get a shot at Serra yet either. But it's plain to see the guys who get the favortism in UFC, Hughs, Franklin, Liddel, work your way back up boys ,just like everyone else. As you can probable guess ,I'm still pissed St. Pierre had to fight Serra. Not that Serra didn't win the fight fair & square, he did, but how the hell did he get a championship fight for Gods sake? I think GSP was treated like shit & dissed by UFC just because he kicked the shit out of Hughs. Oh well, what the F%#$ does a girl know, right?

  5. In response to Judy's comment. You are absolutely incorrect. Matt Hughes is the best all time champion the UFC has ever had. In my opinion he should have recieved a title shot against St. Pierre right away. He is the most deserving in the division. Watch the fight when he plows through Serra then jumps to the Middleweight divion and gains that title from whomever holds it at the time!! You'll be eating your words!!

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