Manny Gamburyan Off To The WEC Featherweight Division


TUF Finalist Manny “Anvil” Gamburyan will drop down to the World Extreme Cagefighting’s (WEC) featherweight division, according to MMAWeekly.

Gamburyan loss his last two fights in the UFC – First to Rob Emerson via 12 sec flash KO at UFC 87 and most recently to Thiago Tavares at UFC 94.

“I don’t know if the cut is going to be hard or easy — I haven’t made 145 in almost 10 years — but I’m going to do it in a good way”

“There are a lot of good guys at 145 also … Mike Brown, Leonard Garcia, Urijah Faber, Jens Pulver. But I think my ability to drop to 145 — I’m going to be a lot stronger, and quicker. At 155, my technique is my advantage, because the day I’m fighting, I’m 160, 162. The guys are outweighing me by at least 20 pounds every fight, so I don’t think that’s fair.”

“I’ve never been this excited in my life,”

No exact date has been set for his WEC debut, but he expects to fight sometime in May or June depending on the WEC schedule.


  1. WOW i think Manny will Kill everyone in 145, Manny is a fucking beast..Jens vs Manny watch because Jens was Mannys caoch… i think he will kill jens, faber, Gracia him and Brown would be a war..

  2. i don't think he will beat faber,brown,garcia,aldo,fabiano,and i don't even know if he would beat jens so i don't know if the move down will do him alot of good except that he would have probally been cut from the ufc after another loss.i am sure he could beat some of the lower level guys but not the top at 145.

  3. bye bye manny cheap shot

  4. Very good decision. Good luck Manny!

  5. another loser bites the dust … does anyone really care ? i guess they got tired of him getting his ass kicked so they dumped him

  6. yeah, I hate this guy. He fights dirty and has a horrible Napolean Complex.

  7. well, I've really only seen him do one dirty thing, but it was pretty shitty.

  8. im just not a big fan of him or his cousin .. never was

  9. dane drebin says:

    dont like his personality but love watching the armenian devil fight i think he will be one of the higher ups in 145 for sure.

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