M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox Interview

The guys over at Pancrase.org got a chance to interview M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox.


  1. why doesnt M-1 sign Josh Barnett? The UFC doesnt want him. And he is still considered to be in the top 5 heavyweights in the world. Somebody please respond and let me know what u think about barnett and M-1 and possibly him fighting for M-1.

  2. I'm a bit biased because I don't like Barnett. Not because he's not talented, he is; but because I have a really hard time with cocky, trash talking fighters, i.e. – the Shamrocks.

  3. I can't wait to see Barnett again. He's not the most entertaining fighter but he is very good and will be a top name in M1 for sure. I don't like the Shammy's either.

  4. barnett would be a great signing. If M-1 signed him it would get them some more fans, and make it a place for the heavyweights to be at least if they had 2 top 10 heavyweights in the promotion…… maybe throw randy in to the equation

  5. never though barnett was cocky. he seems to have fun doing what he does and even joked with crocop about his wounds from the earlier fight as opposed to staring down.

    he'd match well against couture (again) – actually he'd match well against fedor or anyone. even when he's outboxed he keeps coming and will make you submit

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