Leonard Garcia Federal Drug Charges Dropped

WEC lightweight Leonard Garcia post an update on his mySpace page regarding his federal drug trafficking charges:

“I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that I had the federal charges dropped. I am still dealing with the state but the charges aren’t as serious as they seemed. So I hope to be back in the cage soon … real soon. I’m just waiting on my excellent manager Steven (boogie) Bean to get that straightened out for me. I am gonna be the WEC lightweight champ soon, this is something I feel strongly about. So I’m telling everyone that is my goal and my dream and that is what I’m going to do so I will give it my all to do what I say I’m gonna do.”

While his more serious federal charges were dropped, he will still have to face the state charges, before returning to the cage. The WEC has removed Garcia from their website.


  1. I hope he gets off because Faber needs some competition.

  2. yeah, this kind of thing happends all the time where you're walking along minding your own business and then get confused for a narcotics dealer. part of a huge syndicate. haha.

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