Kit Cope Hints At Gina Carano Sex Media and Bashes Xtreme Couture

Gina Caranos ex, Kit Cope hint that he has media of Gina, mouths off about Xtreme couture and more.

“There is media that’s in a very safe place. She’s so worried about that too,” Cope then mentioned that Carano really wasn’t all that special intimately. “I just need to add, I’ve smashed a lot finer than that.” [CageWriter]


  1. Kit Cop hhas a point on Extrem curture gYM..

    Every fight that went there was already good..

    Junie and Dave Kalapdon bothgo there and arent good, they dont look any better at all..same with Colman and bonnar they both work out there and both looked like shit..

  2. Jose Aldo Set to Challenge Mike Thomas Brown in November

  3. Kampmon vs Swick winner gets what everone is saying

  4. Cobra Clutch says:

    This guy is an ass. Another shining example of hot chicks dating douchebags. This is why I'm a douchebag. hahahaha.

  5. I want to fight this dude. What a douche.

  6. kit cope needs to worry about developing his 2-4 mma record and stop doing those stupid ass mtv shows, than talk about gina carano. gina sells her sex appeal a lot, but i don't think it's intentional. sadly, i think the wife of evangelinasta santos… aka cyborg, will rip gina a new asshole.

  7. i would pay big bucks to see this video

  8. kit cope sucks at life, he wants attention hell i have more twitter followers than he does by almost DOUBLE, he needs a new personality trying to get famous for slamming a sextape with a hot famous bitch role was already taken, how about win a real mma fight kit? or fight an extreme couture fighter, gray maynard,mac danzig,tyson griffin pick one they all rape him anyway

  9. Well i'd like to say it better then randy murders…but i can't

  10. Cobra Clutch says:

    derek and randy murders….strong posts….well done, guys.

  11. Randy Murders, I agree, but I don't think Kit Kope needs to fight fighters of that calibur first. Lets have him fight some of the ametures first, make sure he can hang.

  12. i would like to see the sex tape, but kit kope won't release it because it will reveal his small pecker.

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