Kimbo Slice On ESPN E:60


  1. Thanks for the vid….

  2. get kimbo a real fight please..then when he wins vs a real or a half good fighter then blow him up, but intill then stop and im with tito

  3. kimbo should just fight fedor.

  4. I am so sick of Kimbo. No other guy in any league with one fight gets this much press.

  5. LOL…. I'm glad people are starting to see it. Like I've said all along; Marketing, marketing, marketing. Kimbo is a good marketing investment for the moment. When they're done exploiting him (when the sales draw declines) he'll finally have a real fight. Then he'll get decimated. It wont be long.

  6. He hasn't fought a well rounded fighter yet and I don't see him doing that any time soon.

  7. dane drebin says:

    would anyone besides me like to see kimbo vs lesnar? i think it would be amusing haha i think kimbo would win on the feet but im pretty sure lesnar would take him down and finish him in round one. most peole are hating on him but i personally cant wait for lesnar vs mir

  8. I have Mir by armbar.

  9. dane drebin says:

    dont u think lesnar has been training arm bar defense non stop. he can pick up the big show over his head. he weighed over 500 pounds. u think rampage's armbar was sweet in pride. brock lesnar will slam him unconscious. i dont know if i spelled that last word right haha

  10. i wont mir to win also

  11. i think this will be a hard fight for lesnar to win,it looks like a bad match up for his first ufc fight maybe he is better than i think or thinks he is better than he is.

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