Kimbo Slice Is “Ring Certified” With Forth Round KO Of Brian Green

Kimbo Slice bobbed and weaved his way to a fourth round finish of Brian Green at “Fight Night Returns” MMA/boxing card at the O’Reilly Family Event Center in Springfield, Missouri.

The finish came with just 3 seconds in left in the heavyweight four rounder.

Fight video: Forth round and finish,


  1. Wow!! what a fine display of technique, stamina and the ability to take a dive.

  2. that didn't look like a dive to me. he was winded from pounding on Kimbo for 4 rounds and got caught with an uppercut. it he was paid to take a dive they would have made Kimbo look a lot better.

  3. Faaaake! Watch the after fight interview. Green wasn't even mad and was smirking. Screw u with your cheating ass $kala.

  4. Ron Pauly says:

    Complete DIVE :'(

  5. G.B.Hamerick says:

    why the hell would you try to box and get hit if you are winning the fight ? seems very suspicious to me

  6. Kimbo looked terrible. I think the knockout was legit.

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