Kimbo Slice Featured on ESPN The Magazine

EliteXC’s Kimbo Slice is the latest fighter to be featured on a high profile magazine. Slice graces the cover of this months ESPN The Magazine.

Heres a quote from the article:

“I still consider myself a baby at this game,” Kimbo says. “Those guys probably know how to run circles around me, but I can bang with the best. And I’m not a one-dimensional fighter anymore. I used to have just a hammer. But now I’ve got a hammer, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a glue gun. Now I’ve got some tools in the belt.”

Kimbo Slice is slated to take on James “The Colossus” Thompson at EliteXC “Primetime”, May 31 from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.


  1. Realwun says:

    Thats Kimbo's "deep in thought" picture.

  2. Ok so are you a baby "at" the game or can bang with the best??? The best wont run circles around you???

    Wtf is this guy saying really.

    Saying your not one-dimensional anymore haha you have to show that in a fight which you haven't yet.

    Kimbo fights = find a can fighter with a weak record and a weaker chin then let kimbo wow the amateur/novice MMA fans with a KO. I hope the taco bell where they find Kimbos challengers never runs out of customers.

  3. ha

  4. What a load of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KOPower says:

    I like any fighter thats not scared to get punched in the face. And thats Kimbo. He dishes them out and takes them because its not like your going to make him any uglier.

  6. icemanrcks says:

    man chuck liddell said it perfectly put him in with real fighters and if he wins then give him his respect but dont think hes tough because he beats up neighbor hood dope heads and washed out fighters. hes wacked. ko power i cant belive you are eating this bull sh!@ like its breakfast.lmao!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Everyone knows he has KO power in both hands and is not afraid to be hit. But if he can prove that he has somewhat of a ground game and fight better fighters (everyone fights bumbs or old guys in their 1st 5 fights well.. except BROCK) Let him prove what he is saying and if he doesn't then everyone can rag on him.

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