Kimbo Slice Ads on CBS Begin

The EliteXC ads on CBS have begun.

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  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Too bad the guy who was getting interrogated wasn't Chuck Liddell cause Kimbo's whole body would have gone through that wall instead of just his fist! lol

    Tune in Saturday to watch Bum fighting legend Kimbo Slice take on the no name sensation or the over the hill fighter blah blah who cares.

  2. Wow talk about hyping some trash.

    "Street fighting legend"

    "Kimbo doesn't fight crime. But he does fight the best in MMA." I almost died from laughing when I hear that one.

    My vote for the best TV lie of the year.

    Instead of hyping up the real fighters like robbie lawler and scott smith and even gina carano they give us this crap.

  3. whodini says:

    Poke Me in the Eye with a Dull Pencil!! Gag Me with a Filthy Fork !! now im puking for sure

  4. Has kimbo fought any high profile fighters yet? And seriously, how hard could it be to beat up homeless people?

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