Kevin Randleman Signs With Strikeforce


He’s back, Kevin Randleman has signed with Strikeforce and is expected to fight in a future show as a light heavyweight. Randleman was thinking of fighting as a middleweight after losing so much mass due to in activeness and illness.

just received a call from former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman to inform us that he’s officially signed with Strikeforce and is set to return as a light heavyweight. “If someone is gonna beat me, they better beat me while I’m still getting back in shape,” [FightHype]

The former UFC heavyweight champion last saw action last May, when he defeated Ryo Kawamura by unanimous decision at Sengoku “Second Battle”


  1. i hope he still has something left, he must have been real sick i would have never thought he would consider mw.

  2. he was real ill i saw the pics of what he had he had a massive hole in his body it was proper sik, he's gona have to learn a few more triks exp if he's fighting lhw theres alot of tallent out there now

  3. i think fighting at middleweight would be best for him becuz i jus dnt see him being able to conpete with the top guys at 205..well we'l see.

  4. Pretty smart since the LHW division is stacked in the UFC.

  5. i don't trust Randleman i think he takes roids as his trainer Mark Coleman knows it and uses it too. there's so many great wrestlers who were good as him or better than him often don't have their body ripped up like Randleman so how did he do it? possibly roids. Randleman is just another smart guy who know how to hide and beat drug tests just like K. Shamrock does.

  6. Kevin has changed his game alot, he is much more technical and about winning now, less concerned with showmanship. He isn't as big but as a result can move better, hold guard better and more chance of pulling off BJJ type submissions. He should be able to hang at 205 in Strikeforce but if he goes back to UFC I think he'd be better at middleweight.

    Texican – he may have done roids in the past, who knows but thats not his game now and roids don't win you MMA fights in fact they may hinder your endurance.

    Good luck Monster!

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