Kenny Florian On Clay Guida, St. Pierre, BJ Penn and More


  1. i think kenny had the tools to beat bj. so did diego. but then somehow, bj dominated both of them. just like how GSP is dominating his opponents. i don't think there is anyone in the division right now that can beat GSP. not even anthony johnson. GSP is so well rounded that it's not even funny. i really believe he can beat anderson silva, who also doesn't have any real competition so far. rampage cannot beat silva. and i don't think rua or vitor belfort can beat silva. i feel bad for clay guida, because he has immense work ethic. but he just keeps getting squeaked by by contenders.

  2. I think kenny had the tools to beat bj, I don't think diego did. Diego is kinda a wild striker and most the time relies on actually getting his opponents to the ground…..not a good call vs bj. Kenny I believe is the victim of a godawful gameplan. He needs to kick more and really work the strikes, not try to take bj to the floor. That was retarded. Also he could work on his actual strength.

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