Ken Shamrock Looking For A Comeback, Calls Out Fellow Old Timers

Ken Shamrock wants back in the limelight.


  1. YeahBUddy says:

    Ken, give it up bro. I've always liked ya and respect you as a forerunner in the sport but jeez dude… Hang up the gloves for good and spare us all the pain of watching you gas out, get beat up or trip on an unseen and/or invisible object in the ring. In other words, IT"S OVER!

  2. frank would put such a savage beating on ken

  3. WHODINI says:

    can we really stomach another Ken ass whooping again ???

  4. He must be broke.

  5. KIMBO!!!! Did he mention him?? They were suppose to fight. Cmon Ken!!!

  6. this dude is a legend BUT he got smoked by tito 3 times. That pretty much says it. It's done

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